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Practice Events

Kids with painted hands

January 10th - Snowflake Day

January 26th – Minnie/Mickey Day

February 9th - Disney Day- Dress up as your favorite Disney character!

February 14th - Valentine’s “Hearts” Day

February 28th - Mardi Gras Day

March 14th - Wacky Irish Day

March 30th- Camo Day -Wait...where’d everyone go???

April - Autism Awareness Month- Our office will be wearing blue every Wednesday in support of this cause. We are encouraging our patients to spread awareness also! Wear blue or any item supporting the awareness of autism.

April 13th- Troll Day

April 25th- Flower Power Day

May 9th- Decade Day -Pick a decade (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s) and have a great time remembering the fashions of the era.

May 25th- Senior Day- Everyone dress up like an elderly person!

June 6th- Pajama Day- You can’t go wrong with wearing pajamas to the dentist!

June 21st- Neon Color Day- Everyone can dress up in their favorite bright colors. Sunglasses suggested!

July 11th- Backwards Day

July 27th- Plaid Day

August 3rd- Unicorn Day

August 22nd- Crazy Sock Day –Let’s see who has the craziest socks!

August 29th- School Spirit Day

September 5th- Pirate Day

September 21st- Superhero Day

October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Our office will be wearing Pink every Wednesday in support of this cause. Wear Pink to help bring awareness to those around you!

October 10th- Emergency Services Day

October 19th- Animal Day- It’s a jungle! Dress as your favorite animal.

October 31st- Halloween! Wear your costume!

November 9th- Mustache Day!

November 21st- Band T-Shirt Day- Wear your favorite band T-shirt!

December 5th- Reindeer Day

December 18th – 22nd- Christmas Spirit Week