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Practice Events

Kids with painted hands

JANUARY 25TH - DISNEY DAY- Dress up as your favorite Disney character or wear a Disney T-shirt

FEBRUARY 14TH – VALENTINE’S DAY- Wear red, pink, or white… and the more hearts the better!

MARCH 13TH – BACKWARDS DAY- Wear something backwards, inside out, or shoes on the wrong feet!

MARCH 29TH – FARM ANIMAL DAY- Come dressed up as your favorite farm animal!

APRIL - AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH- Our office will be wearing blue every Wednesday in support of this cause. We are encouraging our patients to spread awareness also! Wear blue or any item supporting the awareness of autism.

APRIL 10TH – FAVORITE BASEBALL TEAM DAY – Let’s play ball! Show some support to your favorite baseball team!

APRIL 26TH – MINION DAY- The minions are on the loose! Dress as a Minion!

MAY 3RD - STAR WARS DAY- Star Wars is FULL of crazy characters. We would love to our office filled with Darth Vaders, Storm Troopers, and Jedi Warriors!

MAY 22ND – PIRATE DAY- Arrggh… and talk like one too!

JUNE 7TH – 80’S DAY- Dress up 80’s style! Wear jelly bracelets, jelly shoes, neon clothing, leg warmers, shoulder pads, acid washed jeans, jean jackets, parachute pants, high top shoes and T-shirts.

JUNE 26TH – HOLIDAY DAY- Dress for your favorite holiday – no matter what time of the year it is!

JULY 10TH – CAREER DAY - What will you be when you grow up? Come dressed in a career “costume” that interests you!

JULY 26TH – UNDER THE SEA DAY- Dress up as something in the sea, mythical or real, Come Swim With Us!

AUGUST 9TH – SUPERHERO/VILLAIN DAY- Dress up as your favorite superhero or villain!

AUGUST 28TH – SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY – Go Team! Support your school by wearing your school colors or a school t-shirt!

SEPTEMBER 4TH – SAFARI DAY- Come dressed in safari print, wearing a safari animal on your shirt, khaki, or camo!

SEPTEMBER 20TH - BLACK & WHITE DAY- Wear all black, all white, or a combination of the two!

OCTOBER - BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH-Our office will be wearing Pink every Wednesday in support of this cause. Wear Pink to help bring awareness to those around you!

OCTOBER 4TH - PAJAMA DAY- Come dressed in pajamas, slippers, and hugging your favorite stuffed animal!

OCTOBER 23TH – OUT OF THIS WORLD DAY- Go crazy with space-themed outfits!

OCTOBER 31ST – HALLOWEEN – Wear your Halloween Costume to your appointment!

NOVEMBER 8TH – FAIRY TALE DAY- Once upon a time…..Dress as your favorite fairy tale character!

NOVEMBER 20TH – EMERGENCY/ARMED SERVICES APPRECIATION DAY- Support the Emergency and Armed Services by dressing up or wearing a t-shirt in their honor!

DECEMBER 6TH - NEON DAY- It’s going to be a bright day! Wear Neon Colors!

DECEMBER 17TH - 21ST- CHRISTMAS SPIRIT WEEK- Wear green/red, santa hats, dress as an elf, show off your Christmas Spirit!