What Sets Us Apart

Our Philosophy

It is our attempt in this office to provide the highest quality of care for children of all ages in a positive, nurturing environment while minimizing the stresses of receiving dental care. It is our goal that our youthful patients start as good dental patients, and maintain a positive attitude toward dentistry through adulthood.

In order to achieve this, great care is taken in providing a colorful, fun-filled environment, using mood-altering agents as necessary, to increase acceptance to dental care while minimizing trauma to the patient.

Dr. Brandt and his staff are a highly qualified, professional team who are trained to care for your child with the latest and most advanced forms of treatment in the field of dentistry. We choose to do this with the most compassionate and skilled techniques in health care today.

Each team member has been trained and certified by the state of Texas to carry out the procedures necessary to achieve optimum health for your son or daughter in the safest environment possible. We love children, and we believe that a child deserves the very best.

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